“It was said in Egypt that water is given the soul as compensation for taking on a bodily form” from the book Freeing the Body in Water by Harold Dull.

Until recently I would have accepted this sentence as knowledge that stays in the realm of the metaphysical.

One of the most profound moments in my self-healing process, however, was the recollection of a sensation stored in my energetic body that I can only place at the moment of my conception.

My spirit being amorphous prior to conception, went through a very intense adjustment to its new physical container that in my case, felt like two tonnes of lead dragging me down.

All kinds of emotions and physical sensations surfaced during my Pre-Birth journey session with David Sawyer.

From acute despair and a sense of entrapment, to a dragging acceptance of my new heavy, slow and dense physical form.

In this realization two very separate realities merged as one in water.

The metaphysical became physical and the physical found the freedom and lightness of being, I thought I had lost.

In  discovering the profound healing power of water as a container, a catalyst, a merger, a memory enhancer, a soother and an element with its own intriguing consciousness, I continue to remain in awe.

The potential to heal sadness, a sense of loss, disconnection, depression and all other ailments that stem from the illusion of separation from Source are enormous.

Thank you water.