Water asks that we listen.

If you go back to a moment whereupon you enter a body of water, you will recall a sensation of silence overcoming you. A very fine but very present moment of transition.

Sound becomes slightly distorted, as it becomes absorbed by the water around you, creating a feeling of distance between where you stand and others around you.

In this reflective meditative silence, lies much of the healing power of water.

Diving under water is enjoyed by so many, as much for the silence it offers, as for the elimination of sensory overload experienced on land.

This is why people living with AUTISM also find solace in the silence of water.

I observe that water activates the ears amongst other sensory organs, simply by the very nature of the liquid environment.

It pushes them to open, to receive, almost as if they are remnants of an aquatic ancestry in our body physical.

Perhaps a natural attentiveness, a heightened sensory awareness is triggered when immersed in another environment.

A latent survival mechanism, which can be harnessed into a sensitive healing tool when used to heal and to communicate.

Water is receptive to energy, to wavelengths, to life itself.

When immersed in water we soak, we open and we become physically predisposed to listening. Not only to listening through our ears but also to receiving information through our skin and our human energy fields.

Because of this, non-verbal communicators like babies or people living with a disability are able to communicate much more clearly when in water.

Water expands our receptive capacity, our sensory perception is strengthened and resonance with other humans in a therapeutic, educational or social relationship is greatly enhanced as it is more easily attained.

Taping into these automated qualities offered by the element of water to evolve us as human beings, is a matter of training, of a positive predisposition and ultimately of personal choice.

It takes courage to listen.

It requires concentration and energy to truly listen to another.

It takes commitment in one’s self awareness and in fine tuning one’s resonant field.

For to listen like water, is to love like water.