Am I or am I not?

Water judges not for there is no one there to judge.

Water fears not, for it knows not what that is.

In my own personal tides of control and letting go, I have toyed with many shapes and forms of energy healing and psychotherapeutic systems of self assessment.

In water, however, if I don’t let go I don’t float. I get a simple, immediate and crystal clear response. There is no fooling myself about am I or I am not?

Perhaps it all comes down to physics after all!

I predict that the depth of that ‘letting go’ could even be measured in cubic litres of water displaced. The more I let go, the more I open up, the more I stretch out the more space I take up in the water.

Where art thou Archimedes?

Am I in fear? Tranlsates as, am I making waves in water with my breathing or not?

Do I trust? Becomes am I allowing my legs to open, my arms to move with the water’s flow?

The water’s reflective quality shows everything up for what it is. There is no delay or time lapse for its immediacy is in the here and now. The whole body, the whole of existence is involved in any given water moment.

Water is tangible, inescapable, and immediate but compassionate too for it is immaculately gentle and soft.

What are your boundaries like? Open, closed, undefined, unrefined or murky perhaps? Not to worry the water’s surface just IS. There is above and there is bellow.

There is no maybe or leave until later as there is on land. For in water I’ve got to wee or I’ve got to breathe becomes an urgent matter or even of life and death.

There is no time for later, the only time in water is now.

Where do you stand in water?