My job is to hold more Light on land and in water, then I write about what comes up in between.

Currently my passion is to explore the infinite possibilities offered by the element of water to heal, transform and evolve us as human beings.
I am also intrigued by the unveiling of a deeper consciousness as regards to our prenatal and birth journeys that is facilitated by water.
I believe we can heal the illusion of separation created at the time of our physical conception.

We are expressions of Light

In other words we each have unique and fascinating ways to express our divine nature.
Sometimes all we need is a hug, a touch, a loving embrace so that we can remember just that.
When in line with a deeply seated sense of purpose and the love for one’s self that this creates we make miracles happen.
In or out of water my intention is to hold space with gentle grace and a deep reverence for the one cradling in my arms.
I see that the soothing quality and deep transformative power of water offer an immaculate way to remember the divine nature of our existence.

My Journey

I have been seeking my authentic self and what fills me from within ever since I can remember.
It has taken me nearly forty years to get but a glimpse of the bigger picture within and to consciously assume my responsibility of manifesting a life of love and joy for my self. Today I can appreciate how all the unique experiences I have accumulated contribute to the pool of knowledge I am able to draw from when holding space for others who seek within.



Sophia Michalopoulou is an Aquatic Therapist & Educator who runs classes, workshops and retreats internationally and is based on the mermaid shaped island of Corfu, Greece.

She currently works as a teacher of artful mindfulness with preschoolers at Iliaxtida School Corfu.

Sophia has worked as a holistic therapist on land for nearly twenty years and has introduced all her energetic work and experience, including crystals and sound into the element of water over the past six years.

She is a student of David Sawyer’s Prenatal Journey work in water and a practitioner of WATSU, Waterdance and Healing Dance aquatic bodywork modalities.

She is a lisenced AUSTSWIM Swimming and Water Safety Instructor, a Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics, and a volunteer swimming instructor for the Special Olympics Swimming team in Corfu as a teacher of Access and Inclusion.

Sophia is a certified Mermaid Swimming Instructor with Mermaids UK and collaborates with Nafsithoos Swim School in Corfu.

When asked what I do?